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Spotlight: Virtual SBC

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Spotlight: Virtual SBC

We're shining a light on the people who make Silent Book Club great—our local organizers. Get to know the folks behind the scenes, and maybe get inspired to start your own chapter!

We like to think of Divya Mirchandani as one of our "OG" SBC organizers. She's been with Silent Book Club since 2016, originally launching a chapter in Orange County, California. When the pandemic hit, the group shifted to online meetings (the LA Times even reported about it!). As the pandemic wore on, many of the original group members moved to different states. To keep the group intact, they decided to go permanently virtual.

"The amount of members we have gained by going globally virtual has taken me aback," said Divya. "We have had members from across the United States, the UK, Denmark, Sri Lanka, Trinidad & Tobago, Canada, Mexico, and several other countries attend meetings. There has been something about the virtual group that feels like our world is very small, in the best possible way!"

Divya first heard about Silent Book Club on Facebook and was inspired to start a chapter so that she could read what she wanted, without a timeline, with those who felt similarly. She now co-hosts the virtual meetings with three other regulars (Hi, Robert, Ann, and Samantha!) and enjoys bringing together a group of eclectic readers to create community.

"I love the ease with which readers can discuss books that no one else is reading, and there can still be group dialogue around it. I meet people (virtually) from all over the world, and get to hear about what everyone is reading." 

What's the last great book you read?

The Covenant of Water, by Abraham Verghese

What is your favorite book?

The Power of Myth, by Bill Moyers & Joseph Campbell


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