Welcome to Introvert Happy Hour.

Silent Book Club started in 2012 with a couple of friends reading in companionable silence at our neighborhood bar. We loved books, and reading with friends, but most of our previous attempts at book clubs had fizzled out.

Often with traditional book clubs there's the scramble to finish the assigned book, and the pressure to have something smart to say. Wouldn't it be great to have a book club where you could just enjoy books, friends, and wine—without any homework?

silent book club


We started Silent Book Club because reading with friends is awesome. We love hearing about what people are reading (often in their other book clubs) and we think it's important to put down our phones and be social. Real, live, breathing-the-same-air social, not hearting-you-on-Instagram social.

We also believe there's no shame in drinking alone, especially when you have a good book for company. In fact, most of the time we'd rather be left alone with our book, thank you very much creepy guy asking what we're reading. And, added bonus for the parents out there: your kids can't follow you into the bar. If only you had a bouncer for your bathroom. But you don't need alcohol to read with friends.

Silent Book Club is about community. Everyone is welcome, and anyone can do it. We encourage people all over the world to start their own Silent Book Clubs. We have more than 30 active chapters in cities of all sizes, and new chapters are being launched by volunteers every week.

Check out our calendar to find a Silent Book Club chapter in your town, or sign up for our newsletter to receive invites by email.

Bring a book, bring a friend. Then read, wine, repeat.

Silent Book Club was founded by Guinevere de la Mare, Laura Gluhanich, and Kristin Appenbrink, but we certainly didn't invent reading in bars. To fellow bar-hoppin' book lovers, we raise our glass. Here's to one more round, and one more chapter.