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How to Start a Silent Book Club

SBC Puerto Rico West Side

SBC Puerto Rico West Side

Thanks for your interest in Silent Book Club! We'd love to help you start a chapter of your own. 

SBC chapters are organized by volunteers who commit to meeting at least once a month in the host city. Organizers are responsible for locating a venue, scheduling the meetup, and greeting fellow readers at the event.

An example SBC evening meetup looks like this: 

6:00-6:30pm - People arrive, order drinks/food, share what they're reading
6:30-7:30pm - Quiet reading hour
7:30-8:00pm - Optional socializing, or just keep reading 

But you are welcome to make it your own—change the timing, remove any socializing, add more discussion time, it's up to you!

Some fine print: Silent Book Club® is a registered trademark of Silent Book Club LLC (U.S. Patent and Trademark Office reg no. 5798692). Read our Organizer Terms and Conditions.

Launch a new chapter

(Leggi in italiano)

  1. Choose your location. First, check our website to see if there is already a chapter near you. We're happy to support more than one chapter per city, but you may have one close by you can help host as a co-organizer. Email us at if you're interested in connecting with a local organizer.

  2. Name your chapter. To be added to our network and published on our website, your chapter must include "Silent Book Club" in its name.* For a business hosting meetups, the event name must include "Silent Book Club." For free-standing chapters, your chapter name and/or social media profile must include "Silent Book Club."

  3. Set up your chapter events page. When you register your club, you'll need to provide a public link where members can find event details. This can be a social media page (Facebook pagegroupInstagram), an event site (Bookclubs.comEventbrite), or a blog or website. Attendees should easily be able to find your events and see information about your chapter.

  4. Schedule your first event. Decide on the location for your first event. Each SBC chapter is unique to its community: some meet in bars or coffee shops, others in bookstores, libraries, or outdoors in a park—weather permitting. Set the date and time, and invite a few friends! You must have at least one event posted before submitting your location to our website so that we can confirm your location.

  5. Register your chapter. Submit your location on our website to have your new chapter added to our map! 

* A note about naming: We own the trademark to the name "Silent Book Club," so you must register through our website if you want to host Silent Book Clubs. If you would prefer not to be part of our organization, you must call your event by another name (e.g. Quiet Reading).