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Welcome to introvert happy hour. Read books with friends in more than 100 cities around the world, or start a meetup of your own. It's a silent reading party, BYOBook!

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    Shhh... We're Reading

    Welcome to Silent Book Club.

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    Read with Friends

    There's no assigned reading. Silent Book Club is about taking time out of your busy schedule to simply relax and read. You've earned it.

    Find a Chapter

    Introvert Happy Hour

    Put down your phone, pick up a book, and spend quality time with fellow book lovers. No small talk required.

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    San Francisco • Denver • Kota Kinabalu • Melbourne • Knoxville • Manila • Binghamton • St. Louis • Amsterdam • London • Te Papaioea • Cardiff • Fort Dodge • and 250 more chapters around the world

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    Featured Chapters

    • Centennial, CO, US
      Centennial, CO, US Join and meet fellow book friends for an unconventional book club! No assigned readings and no forced deadlines, just reading for fun. ColoradoBookworms Books & Brews will host Silent Book Club meetups at local breweries or coffee shops arou...
    • Harrisburg, PA
      Harrisburg, PA Join us at Kline Library as we do some quiet communal reading. Carve out a nice hour to yourself, where you can join fellow book enthusiasts for some reading time. We meet on Friday afternoons. Check out our event calendar at for...
    • Corpus Christi, TX, US
      Corpus Christi, TX, US If you like drinking pina coladas and getting caught in the rain, I mean, that's cool. Bring the vibes and your own book to the Corpus Christi Chapter of Silent Book Club. We'll say hi, you'll order your *drink*, you'll cozy up in a seat, and we...
    • Solero, Piemonte, Italy
      Solero, Piemonte, Italy Benvenuti a Silent Book Club Solero! COME FUNZIONA?- Iscriviti all'evento - Prendi il libro che ti piacerebbe leggere ed esci di casa- Raggiungi il luogo concordato - Stringi tutte le mani e ricorda tutti i nomi dei presenti- Chiacchiera e "idrat...

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