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Find a virtual SBC meetup here! Stay home and read with friends! Find a virtual Silent Book Club here.

Welcome to introvert happy hour. Read books with friends in more than 100 cities around the world, or start a meetup of your own. It's a silent reading party, BYOBook!

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    Shhh... We're Reading

    Welcome to Silent Book Club.

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    Read with Friends

    There's no assigned reading. Silent Book Club is about taking time out of your busy schedule to simply relax and read. You've earned it.

    Find a Chapter

    Introvert Happy Hour

    Put down your phone, pick up a book, and spend quality time with fellow book lovers. No small talk required.

    How it Works

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    San Francisco • New York • Los Angeles • Denver • Atlanta • London • Kansas City • Tokyo • Johannesburg • Toronto • Columbus • Hilo • Seattle • and 100 more chapters around the world.

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    Featured Chapters

    • Mexico City, Mexico
      Mexico City, Mexico Un espacio de lectura único, para disfrutar en compañía silenciosa Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Exhale and open your eyes: a book, a cup of your favorite tea or coffee; a unique, quiet space where you can switch off and connect with ot...
    • Las Vegas, NV (Writeropolis)
      Las Vegas, NV (Writeropolis) The concept is simple: you’re trying to read more but can’t seem to carve the time out of your busy day to read. So why not commit one hour a week? No more, no less. Find details and RSVP here.
    • Lahore, Pakistan
      Lahore, Pakistan There are those of us who have imagined a heaven on Earth in the form of a lawn or park library where you can read. Grab something to eat or carry a good drink, have a book in your hands, and come to join us at our Silent Book Club. Let us know ...
    • Litchfield & New Haven County, CT
      Litchfield & New Haven County, CT Silent Book Club: Litchfield & New Haven County (CT) is meeting virtually, to start. All locales are welcome.Welcome to introvert happy hour, where book lovers gather to to read together in quiet camaraderie. Like and learn more here!

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