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Willimantic, Connecticut, USA (Reframe: A Dry Spot)

Willimantic, Connecticut, USA (Reframe: A Dry Spot)

Reframe is a nonalcoholic bar and lounge recently opened in Willimantic, Connecticut. It is designed to be a space where people can spend time with friends and make new friends, to go out and celebrate. We aim to reframe what it means to be sober. I want to bring people into the space and I think a Silent Book Club is right in line with Reframe's mission: a chance to try socializing without alcohol, a safe space to spend time and not feel a need to drink, and a chance to be themselves. I love the idea of a space to be, to carve out time for self-care like reading, and a place to make new connections.

Check out our events page for more information about upcoming meetups.

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