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Harah, Oklahoma, USA (Fawn and Fox Books)

Harah, Oklahoma, USA (Fawn and Fox Books)

At Fawn and Fox Books Silent Book Club, there's no assigned reading. All readers are welcome—ebooks, audiobooks, textbooks, comic books... it's BYO Book.

Our events are designed to cultivate community connection and promote self care. Everyone is welcome, and anyone can join! Friends and strangers gather at a set time and location, enjoy some food or drinks from The Simple Brew, share what they're reading, and settle in for an hour of silent reading. At the end of the hour, attendees can socialize—or not depending on your desired level of engagement.

Come on by for a little mingling with other community minded book lovers in the community who are also looking to get out of the house, become a little more social or not and then enjoy some quality reading time.

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