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Columbus, Ohio, USA (Prologue Bookshop)

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Columbus, Ohio, USA (Prologue Bookshop)

Tired of keeping up with reads for traditional book clubs? We have the perfect group for you.

Silent Book Club has been on the rise for several years. Members don’t have to read a specific book or worry about contributing to a larger discussion – it’s all about just quietly reading together. These unique groups have become a safe space for introverts to gather with fellow book lovers without the pressure of socializing. Our Silent Book Club will meet from 5:30-7pm and is hosted by Meghan, a Prologue bookseller who’d love to hear about your latest read. Then, we’ll meet next door at Roaming Goat and have introductions around 6pm before settling in to read.

At the end of the meeting, everyone will get a 20% off coupon you can use to pick up your read for the next meeting!

Visit our website for more information about upcoming meetups.