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Columbia, South Carolina, USA (Baan Books)

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Columbia, South Carolina, USA (Baan Books)

Finally, a socially acceptable way to read your book at a bar and neither expect nor feel as though you must accept social interruption.

Ahh, the Silent Book Club! Now that introversion is sexy (which puts introverts and introvert-curious people in a position of reflection) I can finally offer a safe-house to people who want to buckle down for a drink or two to knock out some chapters while not feeling like they’re beholden to the small town, tight social circle scene.

If you’re who I think you are then you’ve opened up a book at a bar then felt the sinking sensation of being recognized and addressed. I will viciously, brutally keep you isolated so that you can read for a quiet and personal hour. I don’t mind clapping at an extroverted interloper like I’m a kindergarten teacher to remind them that this is *quiet* *reading* *time*. Join us!