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Bronx, New York, USA (Tuma's Books)

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Bronx, New York, USA (Tuma's Books)
Hosted by Tuma's Books, an online bookstore that offers a curated selection of diverse books, our Silent Book Club brings together diverse readers who value diverse stories. We will meet in locations throughout the Bronx, Uptown Manhattan, and Lower Westchester. All you need is your self and your current read!

Introverted? Don't worry, us too!

At Silent Book Club, you grab a drink/snack to support local business, mingle jusssst a little before settling in with your physical book, kindle, or audiobook to read quietly for an hour. Don't have a book? No worries! You can shop our bookstore inventory.

Afterwards, you have the chance to mingle a bit more, shop our bookstore inventory, get more drinks/snacks, keep reading, or go home. #NoPressure

It's a perfect opportunity to meet new friends, discover new books, read in community, and support an indie bookstore/local businesses.

Check our events page for information about upcoming meetups. We hope you join us!