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50 Creepy, Literary Reads for October

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50 Creepy, Literary Reads for October

The spookiest month is upon us! SBC members in our Facebook group are sharing scary story recommendations for everyone from 9- to 11-year-old boys to grown-ass ladies who aren't afraid of ghosts. But since Facebook is a horror story of its own, we wanted to make sure readers *not* on the platform could also have access to these recommendations.

Here's our list of 50 creepy, literary books suggested by Silent Book Club readers. The list features classic ghost stories from Shirley Jackson and Henry James to new takes on old fears from Silvia Moreno-Garcia and Latanya McQueen. 

50 creepy october reads on

50 creepy october books on

Full disclosure (this is Guinevere), I am such a scaredy cat that I've never read a Stephen King novel or watched The Shining. I've finished exactly 2 out of the 50 books on this list. 

So fearless readers, I'll have to take your word on these recommendations. I'll wave to you all from the safety of my couch, where you can find me sipping a cup of tea and reading cozy romcoms as the days get darker. 

Happy Haunting!