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Commitment to Action

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Commitment to Action

Silent Book Club is an anti-racist organization. We are committed to actively dismantling systemic racism through our brand and activities.

Publishing is a largely homogenous industry, with systems and structures in place that limit access and opportunity, which is reflected in who ends up as published authors: largely white and female. We see ourselves in these numbers, and we aim to dismantle systemic racism with the following commitments:

  • Promote BIPOC-owned bookstores, writers, publishers, and other creators through our social channels, website, contests, and events. Commission and pay BIPOC artists for design work. 
  • Maintain and enforce anti-racist guidelines in our online community, and with chapter organizers.   
  • Advocate for voting rights and political engagement, and encourage voting within our community. Personally support anti-racist policies and politicians. 
  • Ensure diversity on our moderation team, including BIPOC and non-US representation. Currently 3/9 of our team is non-white and 2/9 are based outside of the US. 

We also commit to performing an audit of our platforms and activities bi-annually, and updating this page on the same timeframe. 

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