SBC is coming to town

This has been a big week for us here at Silent Book Club. We announced the launch of three (!) new chapters in Los Angeles, Sacramento, and Jacksonville, and we joined forces with Silent Reading Party PDX to connect book lovers in Portland, OR. 

And we're only just getting started. Our goal is to make Silent Book Club a global community, bringing readers together in cafés and bars all over the world. We believe in the power of books to transform a public space into a zone of tranquility. Where laptops and phones are replaced by paperbacks and ereaders. Where the ever-present pings of work email are silenced, if only for an hour or two. Where being alone together means engaging in a communal activity, not sacrificing real life relationships for the dopamine hit of social media. Where no one needs wifi.

Silent Book Club is about being present, rediscovering the restorative power of single-tasking, and carving out space in our busy lives to simply read for pleasure. Enough with the always-on. We choose off. We choose books.

We've been floored by the outpouring of enthusiasm for Silent Book Club. New SBC chapters are in the works for Seattle, Vancouver, San Diego, Honolulu, Milwaukee, Cleveland, Berlin, and Amsterdam. Stay tuned for dates and locations.

Ready to join us? We're here to help you start a Silent Book Club in your town. Anyone can do it, and everyone is welcome. Just drop us a line.

Silent Book Club

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