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Purwakarta, West Java, Indonesia (Urang Baca Purwakarta)

Purwakarta, West Java, Indonesia (Urang Baca Purwakarta)
Welcome to Urang Baca Purwakarta, the Silent Book Club in Purwakarta! Our club is designed for book lovers who appreciate a quiet, reflective environment to enjoy their reading. We understand the value of silence and introspection, so our events are structured to provide a peaceful and enjoyable experience for all members.

Our gatherings are divided into two main parts:

- Silent Reading: This is the heart of our club, where members can immerse themselves in their books in a tranquil setting. Whether you bring your favorite novel, a new non-fiction book, or anything else you'd like to read, this time is dedicated solely to uninterrupted reading.

- Optional Activities these may include: Mini Workshops, Short Discussions, Social and Charity Activities.

For more information about our upcoming meetups and activities, follow us on Instagram.
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