Silent Book Club - Minneapolis, MN

Silent Book Club - Minneapolis, MN

Hope to see you there!

We will not be reading any specific book. Just bring whatever you’re currently reading. 

Here’s the tentative schedule:

6:45-7:00pm: Arrive and pick out a spot. We will have a few tables reserved in the back, but you are welcome to sit anywhere. Order food and/or drinks if you want. Greet and chat with others if you want.

7:00-7:15: Food/drinks arrive. Get settled in and start reading if you want. Finish conversations.

7:15-7:45: Silent reading time. Introvert happy hour! 🙂

7:45-8:00: Chat with others about what you read if you want. Order more drinks/food if you want. The Birchwood is open until 9:00, so you are welcome to stay past 8:00 if you want.

Follow the page here for details on the next event!