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Round Rock, Texas, USA

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Round Rock, Texas, USA

Welcome to the Silent Book Club! With no assigned book or required group discussion, the Silent Book Club is ideal for those who want the community of a book club without the homework and social pressure.

We meet once monthly to read silently as a group, with some time for optional socializing just before and after our reading time. The Round Rock, TX chapter of SBC meets at Lamppost coffee's downtown location the second Saturday of each month at 10am. We begin with 15 minutes to settle in (giving people time to arrive, ordering drinks, discussing what each of us is reading, etc.). We then read silently for 45 minutes.

Hate group discussion? Feel free to grab a drink and get a head start on your reading! Can't get enough? Feel free to hang around afterwards to continue chat or read.

Join us on Facebook to find upcoming meetings