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Raleigh, North Carolina, USA (Umbrella Dry Bar)

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Raleigh, North Carolina, USA (Umbrella Dry Bar)
Hang at Umbrella and read a book! Yes, whatever book you’d like. Read silently for an hour, and then stay to chat if that sounds interesting to you. Share thoughts from the book you’re reading, or hear what others are reading about. Or peace out after reading time - up to you. This is a low-pressure event.

Some may refer to this as “introvert unite”, and some may simply see it as an excuse to be in a different environment for reading. We love the cozy atmosphere and are excited to welcome you in to silently read, together in community.

A non-alcoholic espresso martini in the lounge, reading whatever fits your fancy? No need to prepare questions, snacks, or tidy up the house? Casual chit-chat around books and love of reading? Yes, please.

Joy, comfort, camaraderie, accessibility, books without homework, pretty NA drinks. That’s the intention behind this series. Try it out.

Umbrella is a non-alcoholic cocktail bar in downtown Raleigh. Check out our website for information about upcoming meetups.