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Portland, Oregon, USA

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Portland, Oregon, USA
Welcome to the Silent Book Club Portland, where reading meets Rose City charm! Whether you’re a bookworm or a social butterfly, our club is the perfect plot twist for your reading routine. It’s a chapter of solitude followed by a tale of togetherness, making it the ideal space for everyone to enjoy literature on their own terms.

At SBC Portland, there are no assigned books or mandatory discussions. Simply bring a book, an ebook, or even an audiobook you’re currently immersed in, find a cozy nook, and lose yourself in the pages. After the hour (or two!) of blissful silence, you’re welcome to stick around and chat with fellow book lovers, share recommendations, and maybe even make new friends. Whether you’re a lifelong reader or just rediscovering the joy of books, Silent Book Club Portland offers a welcoming environment to relax, read, and connect in the quirky, book loving city we call home.

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