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Hamilton, Ohio

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Hamilton, Ohio

Meeting monthly, members bring their favorite books or devices, indulging in fiction or nonfiction, youth or adult, classics or contemporary. Each session begins with light refreshments, allowing for optional socialization before we start.

Attendees enjoy an hour of uninterrupted reading, savoring the shared appreciation for literature's tranquility and solace. What distinguishes this club is its departure from conventional book clubs; there are no mandatory readings or pressure to discuss specific books. Instead, participants relish the freedom to explore their favored genres and authors at their own pace. Towards the session's end, members can optionally share and recommend their current reads, cultivating a relaxed and spontaneous book-sharing atmosphere. The Silent Book Club extends a warm welcome to all, inviting individuals to partake in a serene reading experience that solely requires an enjoyment of silent companionship amidst the love of books.

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