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Frankfort, Kentucky, USA (The Evergreen)

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Frankfort, Kentucky, USA (The Evergreen)

Welcome to Silent Book Club at The Evergreen: Southern Kitchen and Gathering Place.

Our club is a haven for book lovers–introverts and extroverts–who seek a break from their daily lives to find the joy in simply reading in good company. Bring your favorite book, e-book, audiobook, magazine, whatever you are currently reading, and join us. No reading lists or discussion prompts. We’ll gather, order from the cafe menu, read for an hour, and, if you’d like to stay, give book recommendations for the last 15-30 minutes.

Can’t come every week? We’ll be excited to see you when you join us.

Need a book? Finish a book and want to share? Grab or drop a book at our Little Free Library in the front of the cafe, where your next literary treasure is waiting just for you.

Check out our website for details about upcoming meetups.