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Falmouth, Cornwall, UK

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Falmouth, Cornwall, UK
Dynnargh onen hag oll* to the Falmouth & Penryn chapter of Silent Book Club! We are a group of introverted book lovers who gather in cosy spaces to read, chat, and enjoy a laid-back social environment. We are the only SBC in Cornwall so whether you’re a resident or visiting for the summer, check out our event schedule on our Instagram @silentbookclubfal and come and read with us!

1. Quiet time to read your book with like-minded people
At least 1 hour of dedicated time to read quietly together amongst other book lovers.

2. No assigned reading - bring your own book
This book club is different in that we don’t have to agree on a book beforehand! Bring along whatever you are currently reading in whatever format you enjoy.

3. To mingle or not to mingle, it’s up to you!
We offer up the last half hour or so to chat with other silent book club goers and make new friends.

* ”Welcome one and all” in Cornish