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Ad: Dedicated Newsletter
Ad: Dedicated Newsletter
Ad: Dedicated Newsletter

Ad: Dedicated Newsletter

$ 3,000.00

Silent Book Club is a global network of readers with local chapters in nearly 1,000 cities around the world. We have a vibrant online community of 250K book lovers across our social media channels, and a monthly email newsletter with 30K subscribers.

We send a limited number of sponsored newsletter blasts to our subscribers (no more than 6 per year). We will work with you to edit the newsletter text to match our brand voice and style.

To reserve a spot, please complete your payment through our website and email the following materials to

- Subject line: 5-6 words max
- Header image: JPG 800x800 pixels, max size 1MB
- Text: Up to 500 words (e.g. press release, promotion description, or other content)
- Link: URL to learn more (or other call to action)

We will email you to confirm your information and the promotion start and end dates.