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Waterville, Maine, USA

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Waterville, Maine, USA
What is Silent Book Club? Have you ever been frustrated by the bandwidth it takes to carve out time to read? Regular life so often gets in the way with work, events, commitments and more. This is a monthly gathering of fellow readers who just want to READ. We don't want to read books we are forced to, talk about them for hours and be forced to socially interact for long periods of time. We just want to wave 'hi' and settle in for scheduled reading that we can put on our calendar and commit to without having to small talk.

So say 'No Thanks' to traditional book clubs, grab your own chosen book and enjoy the company of a group of other weirdos who don't really want to talk. And just READ!

Silent Book Club Waterville meets on the last Tuesday of the month from 4-6pm. We are still settling on a final location so please check our page for current details.