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Tacoma, Washington (Fort Lewis)

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Tacoma, Washington (Fort Lewis)
Introducing "Fort Lewis Silent Book Club," a silent book club dedicated to fostering a serene and inclusive reading community in Tacoma, Washington, and its neighboring areas. In this bookish haven, there are no assigned readings or rigid discussion guides; instead, members are encouraged to bring whatever book currently occupies their thoughts, whether it's a paperback, audiobook, e-reader, or any other literary format.

Fort Lewis Silent Book Club provides a calm retreat for bibliophiles to connect with fellow book enthusiasts, share their latest literary finds, and revel in the diverse world of storytelling. The goal is to create a welcoming and relaxed environment, where the joy of reading takes center stage, and participants can forge meaningful connections over their shared love for literature. All book lovers, from seasoned readers to those just embarking on their literary journey, are invited to join Fort Lewis Silent Book Club for an enriching and peaceful reading experience.