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Santa Fe, NM, US

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Santa Fe, NM, US
Join our Silent Book Club, where we plan to gather monthly. Our inaugural meeting will be at Collected Works in downtown Santa Fe in the afternoon.

Here's how we'll organize. Since this is our first gathering, expect some items to shift as we progress from here:

3-3:30 pm: Get cozy with food / beverages and your book of choice. Collected Works has a lovely cafe!
3:30-4:30 pm: Personal reading time.
4:30-5 pm: Mingle with fellow book lovers, keep reading, or head home to recharge. There are an abundance of local eateries and bars in the vicinity if folks feel like continuing the vibe into the evening.

Bring whatever book you're reading! This is a no-pressure book club - it's your own personal reading time, in the company of others who love books. If you'd like to hang out and discuss books after, great! If you'd like to go straight home and not talk to anyone, great! If you need to find a good book, arrive early and peruse the fantastic options at CW.