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Rapid City South Dakota USA

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Rapid City South Dakota USA
Silent Book Club of Rapid City

The smell of fresh coffee — highlighted by whiffs of sweet cream cake and juicy, aromatic sandwiches — sets the ambiance for the weekly meeting of Rapid City’s Silent Book Club.

The Club brings together a group of locals separated by age, experience and background, offering them a kind and safe space to connect socially before immersing themselves in the captivating literature of their choosing.

A fantasy novel 800-pages thick rests next to the biography of a revered scientist, while across the table, readers turn the pages of historical fiction or click through a Kindle loaded with classics. Like a renaissance painting, discarded coffee mugs and half-eaten pastries decorate the space in-between.

These voracious readers spend every Sunday morning this way: heads down, hearts open and minds engaged. Join us on Facebook. We look forward to having you!