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North Manchester, Indiana, United States

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North Manchester, Indiana, United States

Looking to find a community of fellow readers, but intimidated by traditional book clubs? Put down your phone, pick up a book, and spend quality time with fellow book lovers – no homework or chit chat required!

Bring the book (and hot beverage) of your choice to the library for a quiet hour of reading in peace. (You can also choose a book from the library shelves!) We’ll have cozy blankets and comfortable seating for all attendees. Colored lanyards will be available for participants to wear, to help indicate who is down for some book chit chat and who is not. (Red lanyards = Please let me read in silence; Green lanyards = Let’s talk a little bit about what we’re reading.)

Known as the introvert’s happy hour, NMPL’s Silent Book Club is the perfect place to retreat with your book for a designated hour of reading. This is the perfect activity for those whose social battery is low, but who still want company. Readers and introverts unite!