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Chișinău, Moldova

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Chișinău, Moldova

Welcome to Biblioteca de Arte "Tudor Arghezi" Silent Book Club!

Who is this Silent Book Club for?
• for those who can't find books they like (anymore);
• for those who enjoy reading several books at a time;
• for those who barely have one free hour for reading weekly;
• for readers with a stable reading routine;
• for those who need an hour of silence;
• for writers who want to encourage reading (and get to know their readers, or future readers);
• for those who want to talk about what they are reading;
• for those who do not read, but would like to;
• for those who need a reason to get out of their comfort zone (but not too much);
• for those who want to interact with new people;
• for book lovers of any age (from children who know how to read, to elderly people);
• for speakers of Romanian, English, Russian (at least one of the languages).

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