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Greenfield, New Hampshire, USA (Stephenson Memorial Library)

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Greenfield, New Hampshire, USA (Stephenson Memorial Library)

Welcome to our Library's Silent Book Club! Join us for some socializing and a lot of reading! We will meet on Fridays in the Wensberg Room from 6:00-8:00, with 30 minutes to socialize (if you want), an hour of reading, and 30 minutes at the end to gush about what you read (if you want). This is a no pressure way to meet fellow book lovers and try out a book group where you read what YOU want, not what a group wants!
For our first few meetings, we'll meet at the library and gauge interest. If the group is large enough and is interested, I will talk to Mi Corazon about a day and time we could meet there. We will provide folding chairs and a few bean bags, but feel free to bring snacks, drinks (no alcohol, please!), and a comfier chair!

Visit Stephenson Memorial Library for more information about upcoming meetups.