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Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada

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Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada

The Chilliwack Chapter of Silent Book Club is the "no pressure" book club: no assigned books, no requirements to read a specific amount or theme or genre or even format, no expectation of socializing before or after the reading time. Do you remember Silent Reading Time in school? This is that, with a different setting. Think of this as an oasis of calm in the busy-ness that is our lives. We meet in public places that are accessible to all. Please pass along this club to anyone you know who could benefit from a regular time away from home/work/school to read.

Our Facebook group will be used to promote the club, set up meetings times, and allow members to ask and answer questions about books. Explore the page for polls about sites and times, lists, and discussions about books.

Find out more on our social media hub.