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Baguio City, Philippines (Hygge Library Cafe)

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Baguio City, Philippines (Hygge Library Cafe)

Welcome to the first Silent Book Club chapter in the creative city of Baguio.

Personally organized by the book-loving owners and staff of Hygge Library Cafe, in partnership with kindred spirit Nib and Keys Collective, we welcome anyone looking for a more thoughtful, alternative social scene in the city. And what better way than to center it around books!

In the company of candles, coffee, music and hearty food, let's tap into our little mountain city's old magic and go on a refreshing, low-key social adventure.

If you're keen on this or even mildly curious, we meet twice a month on Thursdays. No pressure if you just want to take a peak first.

You can also check out our Bookclub for more information on meetups.