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Giveaway: From the Moon I Watched Her

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Giveaway: From the Moon I Watched Her

"This poignant story of loss and self-discovery shines by showing the human desires for truth, community, and love under a church's oppressive control." — Publishers Weekly 

Named by BuzzFeed as one of Winter 2021's most anticipated historical fiction books, From the Moon I Watched Her is a dark, coming-of-age tale about the skeletons that lurk under church pews in small-town Texas. Author Emily English Medley explores family trauma, mental illness, and religion through the eyes of a young girl. It's a haunting tale about loss of innocence that will stay with you long after you close the book.  

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About the book

It's hot, Texas, and the year 1977. Jimmy Carter is in office.

The Walters are a good, churchgoing family who stand for holiness, purity, grace, and Christian love. Except when they don't. Family patriarch and fanatic preacher, Victor Black, knows many things for sure, including the fact that abortion is murder and should be punishable by death a position he defends live in a televised debate. Black's youngest granddaughter, Stephanie Walters, sits in the front row wearing her frilly Sunday dress, listening carefully to every word.

But it doesn't take long for cracks to appear in the Walters upstanding family façade. Stephanie's mother, Lily, begins telling unsettling stories about having a baby who died, and her story keeps changing. It's clear Lily has a secret one that righteous Victor Black would kill her for if he knew. This family secret burns more than the lies. . .

Amid the dark and quirky terrain of camp revivals, burning crosses, and public shunnings, one child from the Southern Churches of Christ cries out.

"Emily English Medley's heartbreaking novel From the Moon I Watched Her is filled with secrets and lies both about family and God." — Foreword Reviews

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Hardcover: 320 pages
Dimensions:  6.1 X 9.2 X 0.9 inches | 1.2 pounds
Publisher: Greenleaf Book Group



Giveaway rules: U.S. only, age 18+, no purchase necessary. Ends 11:59pm PST, 1/31/21. See full rules here