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Why Silent Book Club?

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Why Silent Book Club?
  • Because you like books.
  • And you like reading with friends.
  • But you never can finish the assigned book club book on time.
  • Because everyone in your last book club loved David Foster Wallace and Jonathan Franzen.
  • And they made you feel bad for loving Rainbow Rowell.
  • Because reading a book in a bar is better than swiping right.
  • Plus, people will think you're an intellectual rather than a 30-something drinking alone.
  • And that cute bartender will ask what you're reading.
  • Because you like getting book recommendations from people you know.
  • And you don't feel like cooking dinner and giving the kids a bath.
  • Because books and wine prevent Alzheimer's. Or something. Maybe.
  • Because you're sick of everyone basking in the glow of their phones.
  • Because "Silent Book Club" sounds better than "drinking on a Monday."
  • Because, let's face it, don't we all just go to book club for the wine?