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Matthews, North Carolina, USA

Matthews, North Carolina, USA
Welcome to our Silent Book Club chapter in charming Matthews, NC—where book lovers gather to enjoy the pleasure of reading in peaceful solitude with their favorite beverage. This SBC chapter is run by Bob and Jen of Sip on Stories.

In our cozy corner of literary bliss, there are no assigned readings or discussions, just uninterrupted time to immerse ourselves in the pages of our favorite books. Whether you’re flipping through the latest bestseller or revisiting a beloved classic, our meetings offer a peaceful sanctuary for bookworms of all types.

Once we start our quiet reading hour, the only sound you’ll hear is the gentle rustling of pages turning and the occasional sigh of contentment. Whether you prefer to sip a warm cup of tea, a freshly brewed cup of coffee, or something that's a little more adult, our chapter provides a welcoming space for all types of sips and stories.
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