Silent Book Club - Philadelphia

Silent Book Club - Philadelphia

La Colombe
1335 Frankford Ave 
Philadelphia, PA

silent book club philadelphia la colombe

Hey, Philly!

Let's squeeze in some post-lunch, pre-dinner reading time! Grab coffee or whatever else you want, sit down, and get some reading on.

You can say hi, or give me a wave, or just sit down without saying anything, if that's what you're feeling. I won't be offended.

The plan is to read for 45-60 ish minutes, and after that we can talk (if anybody's around/wants to), and hang out. That's pretty much it.

I would love to talk about the (6 or 7) books I'm currently reading, hear about what you're reading, get/give some recommendations, etc. Or talk about anything, everything. All that good stuff.

No real rules to speak of, just come and read! (This is how pretty much every meetup will be.)


Next meetup: May 28, 2pm

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