Silent Book Club - Nagoya, Japan

Silent Book Club - Nagoya, Japan

Would you like to share your reading experience and talk about books? Most attendees are Japanese, but we still talk in English. Come join us!

Books: BYOB = Bring Your Own Book
Venue: Nagoya City Civic Activity Promotion Center
(Int’l Design Center 6F)

1:30-1:40 self-introduction/chat
1:45-2:40 silent reading over coffee/tea or whatever you bring**
2:40-3:00 wrap up

**We are going to use a public space, not a pub or a cafe, so please bring your own drink as well as your book. There’re vending machines on the same floor. Or, you could go get something to drink at nearby cafes.

Look for upcoming events on Silent Book Club's Facebook page

Happy reading!