Silent Book Club - Elkins Park, PA

Silent Book Club - Elkins, PA

Book clubs are awesome in theory. We would all meet on time. Everyone would read the book and have an animated but respectful couple of hours discussing the material. But it never quite works out like that, does it? You forget to read the book. Someone reads the wrong book. Maybe you wanted to catch up on Game of Thrones or binge watch The Golden Girls last night instead of getting your chapters in. Maybe you can never think of a thoughtful thing to say until THREE hours after the book club ended. Maybe Steve is always interrupting you. Maybe Becky is secretly setting you up for her MLM wick-less candle scheme... It doesn’t have to be that way, friends.

Book Club for Introverts takes the whole having-to-talk-to-people thing—out of book clubs. Bring your own book, meet a group of fellow literary types at the library or a bar, and you sit with them in solidarity and read. It’s like a regular book club without obligations, structure, or self-loathing. Book Club for Introverts is basically anything you want it to long as you want it to be quiet.

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