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Savannah, Georgia, USA

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Savannah, Georgia, USA
The Savannah Silent Book Club. A safe and affirming space for LGBTQIA+ and neurodiverse folks and their allies!
This club is for queer and or neurodiverse folks and their allies!! You don’t have to be queer or neurodiverse but you do need to be accepting and welcoming to both!

Bring your own book and blanket!
This is an introverted social event!
No need to socialize if you don’t want to!
Stay as little or as long as you’d like!
You can read, bring a craft or study!

First 30 min you can socialize if you’d like or just crack open your book/start your craft/ play a phone game (silently)/ whatever you want!
1 hr and 15 min we will all be reading silently/ crafting/ working on assignments, or whatever feels right for you!!
Last 15 min you can socialize if you’d like or finish reading/ crafting/ working etc!!
PLEASE stay 6-8 ft away from each person as we are Covid and germ cautious, there are disabled and immune compromised folks in the group!

Check out our Facebook for more info about upcoming meetups. Can’t wait to see you there!