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New Delhi, India (Juggernaut)

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New Delhi, India (Juggernaut)

What happens when social animals like ourselves are forced to keep distance from each other? The present scenario is a Catch-22 situation. If you flout social distancing norms, you risk contracting COVID, but if you put a halt to socialising, you risk losing your mind! We certainly don’t want that for you!

And so, we decided to bring to you Silent Book Club - a new way of reading in the company of like-minded folks. Reading may be a solo pursuit, but it doesn’t have to be done in solitude. Each session will be moderated by a loved author, editor, publisher, or another ardent reader, and you will join a community of readers in the comfort of your home. 

A weekly catch up where we get together virtually to read anything we want - silently.

Each week, we announce a theme and a moderator for our book club catch up. Moderators could be authors, publishers, editors, or just ardent readers. They will lead the book club that week.

Themes could be anything from mental health to historical fiction. We’ll put out a recommendation list for the week, but you’re free to read what you want!