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Kamloops, BC, Canada

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Kamloops, BC, Canada
Welcome to Introvert Happy Hour, where you carve out a slice of time for yourself to gather with friends, and not-yet-known friends, at a set time and location and settle into companionable silence with your choice of preferred reading material.
Socializing can happen before and after - or not! Snacks and drinks can be ordered - or not!
Bring a friend, or come solo.

There is no assigned reading, no timelines to follow, no set discussion points to be had.
All readers are welcome - ebooks, Audiobooks, textbooks, comic books, fiction or non... it's BYOBook and a completely judgement-free zone!
Want to share what you're reading?! Wonderful! We love a good book rec!
Want to stay in your introvert bubble? All good, we're comfy there too!
We are just happy to share space with fellow readers!