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Virtual Silent Book Clubs (Part 1)

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Virtual Silent Book Clubs (Part 1)

A bright side of 2020 has been that with Silent Book Club chapters meeting online, we've been able to make global connections. Readers from Mexico City, Connecticut, and Michigan have joined our Denver meetups. I've said hi to the South Korea chapter, and Guinevere has read with Italians.

If any of the below chapter meetups work for your calendar, we encourage you to join. RSVP and meet other readers from around the world! 

Bochum, Germany 

Delhi, India

Durham, North Carolina

Laramie, Wyoming

Lincoln, Nebraska

Manchester, New Hampshire

Marietta, Georgia

Nashville, Tennessee

New Zealand

Orange County, California

Rochester, New York

San Diego, California

Seattle, Washington

Springfield, Missouri

Torino, Italy

Victoria, British Columbia 

Ypsilanti, Michigan

Zurich, Switzerland